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Aug 18

Written by: NMC Marketing

Advertising CalendarsIn an age of iPads and smarter-than-me phones, advertisers can still count on one of the most effective promotional products ever.

Back in April, Promotional Products Business magazine featured an article stating that “The Wall Calendar is Still King.” The story revealed the results of a research project by the magazine’s parent organization, Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) and the Calendar Advertising Council (CAC). The project was undertaken to see if the printed calendar was still relevant as more people carry electronic devices that provide the same function.

The answer was yes. People were still using calendars. PPAI compared the results from this study to one conducted in 1981 by the CAC. While a there is a predictable drop in the usage over the past 30 years, it was far less than what I would have thought:

1981 – 98% of homes and nearly all businesses had a wall calendar 2011 – 79% of homes and 78% of businesses had a wall calendar

1981 – 70% of home and 80 of business calendars were advertising calendars 2011 – 61.4% of home and 76% business calendars were advertising calendars

1981 – An average of 4 calendars in the home and 2.5 at a business 2011 – An average of 3 calendars in the home and 2 at a business

What does it mean?

This means that even with technological advances, the calendar is still an effective way to advertise. According to the study, a person looks at a calendar 1-10 times per day. After 365 days, your brand is seen up to 3650 times! The average starting price for a wall calendar in the 2011 Newton Idea Catalog is $1.61. After some quick math, the cost per impression equals about 4 one-hundredths of a penny per calendar.

But wait, there’s more!

With a deal like that, the competition to be your customer’s calendar of choice will be fierce. To stake your claim, make your calendar do more than just sit there:

  • Add a QR code – make your calendar interactive by adding a QR code. Create a new deal or show a new product for each month.
  • Coupons – Everyone loves a deal and coupons are back in style. Include some on your calendar and people will notice.
  • Specific Use – The study share a few of the ways people used calendars like tracking medications, homework assignments, etc. Find a way your target audience can use the calendar.

For more information on calendars, I recommend reading the PPB article or contact your Newton representative.


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